What are different types of leg wears for women?

67No doubt, shopping for the latest dresses, handbag and buying several fashion accessories are always on cards for women. But, women’s legwear pieces are also great wardrobe additions. There are many trendy legwears available these days. Button leg warmers look elegant and has own charm.

Every girl looks for the one that reflect her style. So, what are different types of leg wears?

Socks: Ones made of cotton are best worn when women are doing strenuous activities like contact sports as they are comfortable and absorb sweat. This type of legwear also serve as protection for the feet and toes from harsh leather shoes.

Liners: These are perfect for summer and in warm settings. Liners are usually made of a combination of Nylon and Spandex. These are bit89 thinner compared to regular socks.

Leg Warmers: Leg warmers were originally used by dancers to keep the muscles in their legs warm, prevent muscular injuries as well as to avoid cramps. These are similar to socks, but thicker and footless. Grey leg warmers look quite decent if you want to have a decent color. If you are looking for style, button leg warmers is a good option.

Tights: These legwears were popularly worn by ballet dancers. They come in various colors, textures and designs. These are very popular and usually paired with chic dresses, mini skirts as well as jean shorts.

Leggings: Leggings are also one of the fashionable women’s legwear items. These are footless tights and are offered in different styles and designs. Royal blue leggings can give you a royal look and a sheer blue blouse with black leggings will also make you look stylish. Depending upon the season, you can choose summer leggings or spring leggings. They come in cotton fabrics, leather ones and also, there are leggings that look like denim jeans.56

I hope you are now familiar with different types of women legwear and can easily choose the one you want.

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