The Right Time of Using Diamond Bra Straps

11As early as 1400 BC, the bra is known to have been existing. Since that time, bras have been meant to cover, support and protect female breasts possibly. However, these days the bra development has moved concentration to being fashionable from being functional. Of this ubiquitous garment, the latest incarnation is the diamond bra straps.

The bras intention of being equipped with diamond straps obviously is to give the impression of being bra-less. The wearer at the very least has got nothing to worry about unexpectedly showing up unsightly bra straps when putting on loosely fitting dresses or shirts.

For women who are able to afford costly lingerie, an exposed bra strap is not a big issue – actually it may be a statement of fashion! This situation exactly resembles the one in which guys wear low cut jeans to display their Calvin Klein underwear to advantage. Not many people can unfortunately afford undergarments of an expensive designer. 12

Bring into your imagination faculty a beautiful damsel putting an elegant gown walking down the red carpet, waving to the crowd and there it is – aflesh-tinted diamond strap of an old plain bra protruding akin to a sore thumb. An image that isn’t so attractive, is it?

Fashion Conscious Demand

In the 1930’s, the predecessor of the clear strap was the strapless bra. Nevertheless, its commercial demand did not turn up until the 1950’s when bare shoulder dresses began to stylishly come.

Till this moment of the day, the strapless bra is yet in the existence but most of the women aren’t so excited about it. The strapless bra’s support function for most of its part is wholly non-existent. Active lifestyles are lived by today’s contemporary women. The strapless bra’s failure to provision of an adequate anchor for the ladies has been the consequence of many malfunctions of infamous clothing.

The obvious middle ground is the diamond bra straps between ugly bra straps and strapless let-downs. Women had to definitely wait for the clear pliable plastic technology development to turn it into the reality. It is here conversely and since it was instigated, is has been worn by many women.


For Casual Wear Only

In its history for the first time, without worry or shame, the bra strap can be left exposed. Some ladies even prefer straps having printed designs or adorned with bead accessories. Of course, there are those still finding the barely-there bra strap concept annoying; but then in context to fashion everybody can’t be always pleased.

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