Men Fashion; head to toe

25815743Fashion stands for, an attempt to making you stand out from the crowd and placing in a group pleasing to the eyes. To quote the famous lines- “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but the same thing occurs only when the holder has something to flaunt.

Over the past decades, fashion has witnessed a tremendous flip flop; thanks to the globalization and awareness among people on the subject of looking good. Fashion a term, which had its grip confining to the girls in the past, now has extended its range to the boys’ world as well. However, men wanted to look striking in the yesteryears, but the keenness to look different was not as much as it is now. These days the men are passionate about keeping themselves well-informed of the latest fashion and the ongoing trends. Let’s see how today’s male can dress him up to pace up with the female counterpart a byword for style, on the fashion track.

Catchy Coiffure:

Lion’s pride is in his mane similarly hair defines a man’s personality. A matching hairdo with outfits adds a new element in a man’s outlook. In hairy terms, Fashion refers to playing with the hair to get a captivating style. There are plenty of options available as far as men’s hairdo is concerned. He can sport short, too short or long hair. A dimpled face man has the option of getting his hair curled as the curls go with dimples quite well. Men with receding hairline who still nurture the feel to look stunning can go bald. Baldness certainly adds on a boldness factor to the person persona.

Scarfs and pendant necklaces:scarf necklece

Neck is that body part fashion-lovers often give miss to. Those who agree to nothing is a waste if valued, make the most out of neck piece. Clothe in yourself according to the mercury. In winter a matching scarf, including grey knit infinity scarf, lsu scarf, peacock infinity scarf, purple cashmere scarf or so forth worn with your jean’s shade can magnetize anyone. During summer, a custom-made pendant be it friendship pendant, father son pendant or any other kind can enhance your looks immensely.


34A classy shirt can steal the show for you. In reverse, a mismatched shirt you put on to can spoil the whole show. Be very watchful while wearing on any shirt that otherwise should complement not only to your trousers and footwear, but also the occasion you’re planning to attend. Formal shirts are basically meant for offices, meetings, and professional parties. However, in friends get together and family outings casual shirts work better. To this context, there is no cast-iron rule as you can choose to put on an odd shirt, which is a high demand in most of the wild parties.


Make sure to make your lower body as attractive as the upper one. Be it jeans, denims, formals, well bottom or so forth you can wear anything according to your comfort level and the event you’re wearing it for. Depending upon the bodily structure, a person with lean legs is recommended wearing loose trousers while the person carrying well-shaped thighs can prefer tight to loose trousers.Mens-Pajaro-Trousers


Besides making them look attractive, one must pay heed to the foot comfort. Ranging from casual, dress, fashion and sports, the shoes can be cherry-picked in line with the outfit you’re dressed in. Above all, the comfort level of the footwear should always be wired into the equation while considering its cost, worth and eye-catching feature.


6fde6d2f7c745bb390985f16a5be33a2Having put on a fitting scarf, shirt, trousers and footwear, if you think you’re done with looking stylish; then, we recommend revising this particular thought of yours. Hosts of other accessories wait for you like, sweaters, earrings, buckles, all seeing eye bracelet and caps and so on.

In few words, fashion is a sea. The more you go deeper, the more you find and explore!

So keep on exploring and finding something new and afresh worth following for other fashion seekers.

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