The Significance of the All Seeing Eye Bracelet

bracelet1The all seeing eye bracelet and other charm jewelry are encouraged by the principle of one having the power of causing injury or bad luck to the individual their look is directed to. The belief is that an individual, normally who is good and not hateful in any kind, thereby having the ability of causing harm to you, your children, your stock or trees by enviously looking at them. From this powerful gaze, ornaments or all seeing eye bracelet are worn for our protection and its reversion back to the source from which it occurred.

You can recognize the right connotation of all seeing eye bracelet if you are already well-known with the Scottish and British term for it. The word ‘overlooking’ is used by them implying that the intent look has remained for too long on the object, to which a person longs for, be it an individual, animal or object. Consequently the one who jealously harbors is not a wicked human being necessarily.

An In-Depth Look into the All Seeing Eye Bracelet and Charm Jewelry of Evil Eyebracelet2

The expression is the name of a bad health condition that is transmitted generally without any purpose to an individual who is covetous, envious or resentful or a combinative of all the three evil qualities. Also it is known as the spiteful eye and the unpleasant eye.

How Putting On Evil Eye Charms Can Be Helpful

An individual who haves on an all seeing eye bracelet or any of the several kinds of charms is protecting themselves out there from this injurious look. The charm jewelry can be worn on a necklace or bracelet and also you can hang charms on trees you would prefer for protection, nearby your home or in your garden to guard your family.

bracelet3How to Cure an Evil Eye after Diagnosis

In order to comprehend how to cure these problems post diagnosis you are supposed to have a consideration of what takes place. A case in point would be a stranger complimenting a child. They may say that the child is adorable or beautiful and their look may be extended. If there is no intervention by the mother then the evil eye operation will set in motion. The mother’s ways of intervention are spitting out on the child, denial to God on the beauty of the child or they may request the stranger about touching the child or spitting on them. If no intervention is there then the child will start getting very sick to their stomach and even instigate weeping. They will be vehement and there may be occurrence of diarrhea leading later to drying out or dehydration. Conservative medicine cannot be helpful in curing them and the parents will have to ask for help from a healer locally who will be able to make a diagnosis of the accurate case of the illness of the child and hence the sure will be performed.

Wearing charm jewelry or all seeing eye bracelet can be preventive of any problems arising from the evil eye. They are great to bestowing as gifts to near and dear ones even and can convey a comfortable and peaceful sense when worn.



  1. Thank you for explaining the all seeing eye I learnt a lot. The bracelets you have on display are really beautiful. I have only seen the blue and white all seeing eye that you get in Europe.


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