Brown members only jacket

Members are only being now a cultural icon with a steady and growing following. Whether you knew them from the 80’s or love them now for their slimmer modern look with all the signature details, or are rocking their jackets because it’s just simply cool, their loyalty lies with you.

They are proud to have you as a member.

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The Best Use of Peacock Headpiece

Sterling silver head piece with peacock feathers

Sterling silver head piece with peacock feathers

Sterling silver nose piece and earrings with peacock feathers

Sterling silver nose piece and earrings with peacock feathers

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Celebrity Inspired Dresses

Get a celebrity style look for a fraction of the price when you shop online at Prom Dress Girl. These amazing celebrity inspired dresses have been seen on the red carpet at movie premiers, award shows, and exclusive clubs. Sexy short dresses for prom or cocktail parties. Long formal strapless evening gowns and daring low cut halter dresses with cut out sides.

Celebrity dresses designed like those worn by Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, or Kim Kardashian to name just a few. Dresses by some of the best prom dress designers including Faviana, Jovani, and Mori Lee. Whether you’re looking for a long prom dress or the perfect short dress for a hot date. These celebrity dresses are sure to land you on the best dress list for the evening.

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Sideways Gold Fill Necklace

Just added to my shop!  The sideways heart adds some character to this necklace.  Also, I am now stocking 16″ and 18″ ball chains in addition to 16″ and 18″ cable chains.

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Perfectly Personalized


Carrie Bradshaw was the first iconic trendsetter to launch the personality initial jewelry with her well known ‘Carrie’ necklace. Fast forward 10 years and initial necklaces are back and they are as cute as ever! As seen Glee around Rachel’s neck, this gold initial necklace is delicate and cute without being narcissistic. The Zoe Chicco Personalized Necklace is simple and elegant with its script style and 15″ length.

Layer your initial necklace with other long necklaces or wear alone — these simple adornments are versatile and be worn anyway you want!

Get your very own personalized initial necklace!

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Cost: $250.00

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Custom monogram necklace

This was a custom order for a gift. It is a custom piece inspired by a famous necklace worn by historical figure & Queen of England for a time. Its a 14″ necklace made with swavorski creamrose pearls on tan silk beading thread. With wire wrapped drop pearls on the monogram. All the gold parts of the necklace (clasp, jump rings, monogram) is done in gold plate. A delicate filigree pearl clasp to finish it off. I also attached a photo of the original necklace so you can see the inspiration.

monogram necklace 2
monogram necklace 3
monogram necklace 4
monogram necklace 5
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Top 5 Navy Fringe Bikini’s


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Yellow Plaid Scarf: Embellish Yourself For Crafting An Aesthetic Diva Look

Shopaholics, dare to be yourself, mix and match your dressing attire that labels well, the matchless and magnificent person you are..!

Don’t try hard to look stunning; It’s much appealing when it appears effortless:

Crafting your own personal style is the art of combining an outfit with accouterments which better defines your personal style statement. Ever pondered, why it never turns out to be as flawless as we expect? That’s because of the sways nearby you; it could be of parents, friend-circle, community impact, professional path, and mass media and so on….! This basically means that you’re not quite ‘in-tune’ with your inclinations or maybe you feel obligatory to curb to other people’s ethics and outlooks. So, essence is that, you need to build a fine tuning with your closet and self as it’s high time to wave off such judgments.

You can never go erroneous with a plaid scarf. It’s a sizzling trend that gets damper during Fall & Winter; yet it’s still one of those eternal fashion pieces that look chic yet sophisticated during the course of all seasons. Embrace it in your attire, to the beach with your sun dress, your basic tee or knitted pullover – it’s the scarf to keep your chicness looking ever-fresh.

Head scarfs that will make your hair-do glamorous:

You necessitate to enrich your style statement if want to look sensuous. In this style driven era, hair accessories can offer a splendid touch to your hairdo. They work as an icing on a cake. If it is cashmere or pashmina stuff preferably, the look of your hair accessory will be remarkably different. It definitely will help in outlining your persona and elegance. This type of accessory is sure to turn you into a sophisticated yet appealing person. Though, be vigilant while choosing one. The shades you select to zing up a basic ensemble for an occasion should not be too vivacious and loud.

Pick a shade that compliments your skin tone:

Teaming up of yellow plaid scarf with khaki pleated skirt will do wonders. Lsu scarf will work in any color, but you should positively pick such a colour mix that compliments your skin tone. Red or purple cashmere scarf, even you can go with orange and brown as these will preferably look fabulous on brunettes with a deep skin tone. Pink, blue, light grey knit infinity scarf suits better to blondes.

For getting a complete overlook have fun with fashion, but sensibly! you can go new color patterns for both the warm and cold seasons –for instance we can say, shallower shades such as inflamed red, carroty and coffee color for damp season whereas, go with rosy pink, fawn, blond color for Summers. Also don’t commit the mistake of overlooking the rest of your attire as just working on your scarfs is not enough if you think that teaming up your scarfs with fade prints or any shade with any tacky details will work wear some sensible colors to accomplish an all-out chic style.

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Fashion – Latest Fashion Trends 2014

Latest Fashion Trends 2014

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Men Fashion; head to toe

25815743Fashion stands for, an attempt to making you stand out from the crowd and placing in a group pleasing to the eyes. To quote the famous lines- “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but the same thing occurs only when the holder has something to flaunt.

Over the past decades, fashion has witnessed a tremendous flip flop; thanks to the globalization and awareness among people on the subject of looking good. Fashion a term, which had its grip confining to the girls in the past, now has extended its range to the boys’ world as well. However, men wanted to look striking in the yesteryears, but the keenness to look different was not as much as it is now. These days the men are passionate about keeping themselves well-informed of the latest fashion and the ongoing trends. Let’s see how today’s male can dress him up to pace up with the female counterpart a byword for style, on the fashion track.

Catchy Coiffure:

Lion’s pride is in his mane similarly hair defines a man’s personality. A matching hairdo with outfits adds a new element in a man’s outlook. In hairy terms, Fashion refers to playing with the hair to get a captivating style. There are plenty of options available as far as men’s hairdo is concerned. He can sport short, too short or long hair. A dimpled face man has the option of getting his hair curled as the curls go with dimples quite well. Men with receding hairline who still nurture the feel to look stunning can go bald. Baldness certainly adds on a boldness factor to the person persona.

Scarfs and pendant necklaces:scarf necklece

Neck is that body part fashion-lovers often give miss to. Those who agree to nothing is a waste if valued, make the most out of neck piece. Clothe in yourself according to the mercury. In winter a matching scarf, including grey knit infinity scarf, lsu scarf, peacock infinity scarf, purple cashmere scarf or so forth worn with your jean’s shade can magnetize anyone. During summer, a custom-made pendant be it friendship pendant, father son pendant or any other kind can enhance your looks immensely.


34A classy shirt can steal the show for you. In reverse, a mismatched shirt you put on to can spoil the whole show. Be very watchful while wearing on any shirt that otherwise should complement not only to your trousers and footwear, but also the occasion you’re planning to attend. Formal shirts are basically meant for offices, meetings, and professional parties. However, in friends get together and family outings casual shirts work better. To this context, there is no cast-iron rule as you can choose to put on an odd shirt, which is a high demand in most of the wild parties.


Make sure to make your lower body as attractive as the upper one. Be it jeans, denims, formals, well bottom or so forth you can wear anything according to your comfort level and the event you’re wearing it for. Depending upon the bodily structure, a person with lean legs is recommended wearing loose trousers while the person carrying well-shaped thighs can prefer tight to loose trousers.Mens-Pajaro-Trousers


Besides making them look attractive, one must pay heed to the foot comfort. Ranging from casual, dress, fashion and sports, the shoes can be cherry-picked in line with the outfit you’re dressed in. Above all, the comfort level of the footwear should always be wired into the equation while considering its cost, worth and eye-catching feature.


6fde6d2f7c745bb390985f16a5be33a2Having put on a fitting scarf, shirt, trousers and footwear, if you think you’re done with looking stylish; then, we recommend revising this particular thought of yours. Hosts of other accessories wait for you like, sweaters, earrings, buckles, all seeing eye bracelet and caps and so on.

In few words, fashion is a sea. The more you go deeper, the more you find and explore!

So keep on exploring and finding something new and afresh worth following for other fashion seekers.

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